A Certain Way of Life

By John Aldred

It seems to be a way of life
To scream and shout and roundly curse
To take delight in beating up a wife
Enjoy as each succeeding yell gets worse.

Raise the blaster to higher decibels
Stone the guardians of the impotent law
Threaten those whose quiet words would break the spells
Of a way of life spilling blood and gore.

Four letter words, the staple diet
With screams and shrieks and bang a door
Watch as the instigators of a riot
Smirk, as they put one over on the law.

For if someone should call the law
The screams will calm right down to sighs
A fawning plea "Officer, I'm only poor."
The officer knows that therein lies the lies.

It matters not what law allows
For officers who try to quell the strife
Fail to alter those who enjoy the rows.
It really is a certain way of life.

Copyright 1999 John Aldred