A Dull Day

By John Aldred

Another dull day
The clouds threaten
To cry.
A bed creaks
In the flat above
Faintly, ecstasy cries.
It's bright up there in a land of love
It's dull on the ground floor
With the light curtained
By the clouds
Threatening to cry.

Another dull day
Even the birds
Don't arrive to eat the crumbs thrown
On the damp lawn.
The bed creaks again
The cries less faint sound bright.
The clouds contain their rain
But the birds still don't come.
The Witness's call with their shuttered sight
That Child may well have been miraculous
But its still a dull day with clouds
Waiting to weep, birds reluctant to creep
The bed's gone to sleep
Shutting out
Another dull day.

Copyright 1999 John Aldred