An Early Date

By John Aldred

You hesitate
When the stream's in spate
Even though you're late
For that early date.
Which would she berate?
A late date or a soaking reprobate
You can hardly wait
To confirm your fate.

So you plunge on in and levitate
To the distant shore where you celebrate
Certain now she will appreciate
Your every attempt to participate
In that early date.

But -- Your soggy, wet boots just infuriate
Your sticky. wet jeans do not titivate
It seems you are certain to saturate
The special dress bought to captivate,
The tongue lashes on 'till you extricate
Your battered wet soul to recuperate
At home, where you ruminate
That the very next time the stream's in spate
Don't hesitate
Turn around, let her wait
Or emigrate
At an early date.

Copyright 1999 John Aldred