Another Day

By John Aldred

Another day, another walk
Through fields, over streams
Another day, more talk
Whether the rain falls or the sun beams
It's just good to be out in the clear air
On another walk over unused tracks
With friendly faces losing the week's care
In boots and socks with loaded 'sacks.

Another day, another walk
Fresh faces, new places
Mice hide from a soaring hawk
We walk leaving no traces.

The seasons change but the hills remain
Carved by the wandering streams
Brushed by the March winds, cleared by the April rain
Decorated by the May flowers to Nature's themes.

Another day, another walk
Past waterfalls and fallen trees
By wild flowers smiling from a short stalk
Passing pollen to the visiting bees
Who dance back to their own hive
To tell the story of a walking brigade
Who travel trails and stay alive
Cheerful, in all degrees of centigrade.

Copyright 1999 John Aldred