A Pixie in the Corner

By John Aldred

A pixie stands in the corner
Santa sits at his desk
Gazes at the mountain of toys all ready to go
But someone forgot to order the snow.

The reindeer are ready to run
The sleigh is perfectly packed
The pixie in the corner rocks to and fro
It was he who forgot to order the snow.

Frantically Santa rings mums and dads
"Can you collect this mountain of toys
My sleigh won't go without any snow.
My pixie's face is so full of woe."

So if your parents are missing next week
Do not worry, be bold
For they will have gone off to Lapland
To help Santa carry on with the show
And to probably scold
The pixie who forgot to order the snow.

Santa sighs a sigh of relief
The toys are gone,Christmas is saved
The pixie's forgiven, his face is aglow
He has a present, a whole flake of snow.

Copyright 1999 John Aldred