A Question of Age

By John Aldred

Ah, if I could but have had the wisdom
Of age when a youth,
Or if I could now have the energy of youth
With the experience of my age,
Would I find a different life
Awaiting my next step?
A doubtful thought.
We are what we are and where we are, we are.
Thus our particular coloured skein is there
Being pulled by the needle of fate,
To embroider our piece of patterned linen
To slot our path between or alongside
So many other paths, at an exact time and date.
For think, if we had re-arranged
One pinhole or used a different thickened silk
How many other pathways would have changed?
Our lives may seem just random chance
But is such chance, in fact, a precise science?
An exact map ready laid for us to walk.
Is there some great magnet attracting
Our needles on predetermined routes?
I leave the answer to the philosophers but know
What experience has taught me.......

Copyright 1999 John Aldred