By John Aldred

Each publication presents prosperous people
Bright eyed with wide smiles
Interviewed about a life only wealth could support
Range Rovers, Horses, Pheasants and carrots.

Each newspaper contains a magazine
Pamphlets fall to the floor
Beguiling me to invest with their sunny exteriors.
Everything works and is better than any like product
Changing life with carrots.

Nowhere is there gloom or failure
No shoeless person or clapped out bike
No death, no loss, no factory closure
No broken hearts, no loss of health
No seeking for a crust, only carrots.

My senses blunted,appetite gorged
On free gifts and loss leaders
Those over optimistic pieces consigned to the bin
The orangey tinge of my weary skin
Weary of a diet of carrots.

Copyright 1999 John Aldred