The Century of Speed

By John Aldred

The 20th century, the years of speed
The years of the mushroom clouds
The years of only half a world in need
Years that conquered the plague ridden shrouds.

In the west recognition that half the population
Though female, was capable of wide thought
More than an object for mere copulation
They could, with the Pill, happily cavort
(And call the male bluff).

That Pill with many from a similar mould
Will, in time, control the spread of man, earthbound
And yet extend his stay fourfold
Even though his speed obliterates that of sound.

The years have seen us touch the moon and glimpse beyond
To events dead before our frail form evolved
And how through the years we more easily correspond
As with the computer chip, unknown problems be simply solved.

Our arts disintegrated into learned chaos
To abstract whatever emotion, search could find
In the dot, dash jumble of deceiving dross
Pushed by the commercial mind.
(With exception to prove a rule).

The subatomic world of the minute
Revealing chromosome, gene and DNA
Producing beauty and the brute
To obey the demands of Nature's play.

Though the 20th century has increased the speeds
Of life, discovery, communication and left behind
Superstition, empires, mass ignorance, physical grind
The years still pass in tune with Nature's gravity needs.

20th Century

Copyright 1999 John Aldred