Thinking of Speed and Time

Or how to blow your mind...

By John Aldred

Speed and more speed
Is inevitable.
Time is money
Time is speed
Money is now our deity
Therefore speed
Is inescapable.

Each generation travels faster
And is so programmed
So speed is unnoticed.
Far ahead in time
Earth creatures must leave this planet.
That requires speed as applied force.

Power-force to overcome time
Long life to overcome time
Perhaps no death and so time becomes
Unimportant, irrelevant,
So rush on speed, more speed
'till we live in mind alone
No flesh to decay
A world of thought
With speed the new deity.

What speed is finite?
Speed of sound is long passed
Speed of light takes us to a new dimension
Speed bending time to start again
Foreward in time, into space, back into history
To transmit information back
To the dead planet
Or would we be joining our ancestors
Be recycled in form of descendants
This journey with Einstein was just a thought
To blow your mind.

Copyright 1994,1999 John Aldred