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If anyone wants to put together some potted reviews of the contents of these disks and email them to me, feel free!

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[TD0] fred01.td0
Issue 1 of FRED Disk magazine. Coo - Col was just a young whipper-snapper back then!
[TD0] fred02.td0

Issue 2 of FRED Disk magazine
[TD0] fred03.td0

Issue 3 of FRED Disk magazine. The Lords make their first public appearance with Tetris.
[TD0] fred04.td0

Issue 4 of FRED Disk magazine. The Lords' Silly Demo 1.
[TD0] fred05.td0

Issue 5 of FRED Disk magazine
[TD0] fred06.td0

Issue 6 of FRED Disk magazine
[TD0] fred07.td0

Issue 7 of FRED Disk magazine
[TD0] fred08.td0

Issue 8 of FRED Disk magazine
[TD0] fred09.td0

Issue 9 of FRED Disk magazine
[TD0] fred10.td0

Issue 10 of FRED Disk magazine
[TD0] fred11a.td0

Issue 11a of FRED Disk magazine. Cookie's first appearance.
[TD0] fred11b.td0

Issue 11b of FRED Disk magazine.
[TD0] fred12.td0

Issue 12 of FRED Disk magazine. Cookie's Star Trek sample demo.

This is all updated by hand, so if it's not in perfect sync with the archive, please (a) tell me, and (b) be patient ;)