SAM Coupe

SAM releases which I've been involved with

Since the end of 1990 (which is when I got my disc drive), I've been highly active on the SAM scene... I would have been earlier, but I couldn't afford the flashy model - all I started off with was a 256k tape-based SAM.

Still, that was then, and now it's 1995, and I've been involved in quite a few major SAM projects along the way.

There's a list of the projects, as well as what I actually did for them, down below. By the way, these are all actual SAM Coupe screenshots... so now you can see what Lemmings looks like on a SAM :)

For want of a better place to put these screens, I'm sticking them here. Here's some screenshots from the never-released, and never-finished conversion of Zub that I was working on. You could jump and walk around, but that was about it at this point. The teleporter worked completely though, as did the main screen :)

zub1.gif (4135 bytes) zub2.gif (4154 bytes) zub3.gif (3823 bytes)


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