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Total Embarassment Archive (Gloucester, April 1996)

Be Warned! Contained on this page are a number of pictures that the people contained within probably wouldn't want you to see. Honest. Well, maybe. Alright then, they didn't know about them, but they will soon. Pass the sickbag, and prepare yourself for some of the most hideous creatures ever captured on film (apart from Cookie, of course, who was behind the camera at the time). (Besides, we included a photo of him anyway -- better that than the graduation one).

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If you're not sure, Cookie's the
short one.

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Ian Slavin, Dan Door� and Allan Skillman

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Allan Skillman. Chirpy chappy, and master brain behind SimCoup�.

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Bob watches over his flock. Erm, stall. Er, whatever.

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Of course, Mr. Drissen will only allow himself to be photographed in profile. Honest.

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Andrew Collier in full Happy Snapper mode. The other side of the lens, so to speak, can be seen on Andrew's Gloucester Show pictures page, or more directly, here.

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Dan Door� - in mid-audition for a part in Mars Attacks. He'd have gotten it too if he hadn't told Tim Burton that he actually liked Batman Forever.

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Ian "Axe" Slavin. And yes, he does look this fuzzy and dark in real life. Narf.

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It's the Quedgeley Village Olympic Can-Can team. If you can see them. Erk.

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Frode Tenneb� not feeling all that well. He got better.

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Colin MacDonald. With an unfortunately positioned shower cap. And to think that I had that thing on my head! Ick!

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Chris White, shortly after visiting Amsterdam. Nev Young hides cheekily behind him, the scamp.

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Sums up the world of the SAM Coup� in one fell swoop really, doesn't it?

Coming Soon
I've got some photos from one of the Wetherby shows on CD somewhere. When I get the chance, they'll be up here too.

Ta-ra for now,


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