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UMIST Reunion Piccies

I was born on the 10th of August 1975, under the star sign of Leo. I don't believe in astrology - which, I am reliably informed, is a common Leo trait - nor do I believe in cult religions, such as Scientology and the practice of Dianetics. Remember kids: smart people don't do cults.

I have a sister (Claire), a brother (Gareth), another brother (Richard), the usual parents (Mum, Dad) (well, okay, they go by the names [Linda] and [Michael] Cooke, respectively). Unfortunately my mum died of a particularly rare form of cancer in 1996. Everyone else is doing fine though (including my sister's new son Bailey, which makes me an Uncle of sorts).

Schooling-wise, I went to Crab Lane school in Higher Blakely, then spent around a year at Cherry Manor primary school in Sale. From there I moved next door (literally) to St. Margaret Ward primary school. Much to the dismay of my teachers, within my first year at "St Maggies" I had read their entire stock of books, and had to start work on the library down the road to keep them happy. At the age of 11, after spending 4 years at St. Maggies, I went to St. Ambrose College secondary school - a punishment which I endured for another 7 years. On leaving the school with the required grades for University, I made my way to UMIST in Manchester, where I got my Physics with Electronics degree (though during the process, I spent way too much time writing magazine articles and talking to friends over the Internet. Still, now I've got a rather nice job programming, which has pretty much nothing to do with my degree. Ain't that always the case?).

Class of 96, UMIST. Or something.
Physics Class of 1996, UMIST

We had a reunion recently (well, kind of recently... April 1997 or so), and the piccies are available on this site.

My hobbies include:
Composing music, writing, drawing, acting (honest.. well... maybe some day), and bits and pieces of lots of other things too. You name it, I do it or something.

To be updated later with more stuff, when I get around to writing the proper one...

... but for now, a note on the future, for the new millenium:

I've bared my soul more than enough in the last millenium -- time to forget the past, to kick out from the restraints of memory, to make a change for the better.

Grab hold of the reins to your lives people. Don't be a martyr to others ideals. Live this life for yourself and your loved ones, and if something's not right, then don't be afraid to try again.

Don't hold onto dreams that will never be fulfilled. Don't trust people who lie to you or give false hopes. Do not falter onto the path of superstition.

Above all, be true to yourself. If you can honestly say you've given it your best shot and it all crumbles down, then it HAS been worthwhile. It hasn't been your fault. You can rest easy, and learn to love anew. But if you want to try again, you will need to be strong. And alive.

And that, my friends, is my advice to you.

Copyright (c) Simon Cooke, MCMXCV. A.D.

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Me! (A while ago)
In the days when I had long hair, I looked something like this...


The trees! The trees!
Hat:tree height ratio experiment.

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