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For a long while (about 5 years), I was a freelance journalist (yep, I got into the biz at the tender age of 16 - the opportunity being handed to me on a silver platter). I've written over 80 articles at last count, for a number of national and international news-stand magazines. Here's just some of them.


I was a Live-action Roleplaying Virgin!
A late August day (IIRC) in a field, in Derby, in 1996. Feel the rain lashing down, the gales, the storms, and wet sleeping bags in this tale of magic, mystery and beer.

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(previously known as Internet and Comms Today)

Issue 15
DeathNET - Euthanasia, rememberance and assisted suicide - and how the papers ignored the facts.

Issue 14
Open Minds 'Ere I Am JH - The ghosts in the machines are out there - including Thomas Whalen's amazing natural language decoder.

Issue 12
Books On-line... and why curling up with a lap-top just isn't as good as the real thing.

Issue 11
Talker Culture Meet new friends on the Internet, and watch as your phone-bill skyrockets.

Issue 10
Fakemail Found an email from Elvis in your in-box recently? Or how about the Pope? And does God have his own domain at

Issue 9
Who's that Girl? JANET and the old X.25 system explained (for those of you with really old systems)

Issue 8
Rumour Control (alternative title: Full of Holes) - Porn and the Internet - and why you shouldn't believe everything you read...

Issue 6
Enforcing The Net Net Vigilantes - are your Big Brothers watching over you?

Net User

Issue 5
The Student Survival Kit - everything you need to survive your first year at University!

Issue 3
Space web-site reviews


Issue 3
Love Over The Wires The only place on the internet where you'll find this story of long distance love and relationships and how to cope with them - this isn't even on the Futurenet server version of issue 3.

Your Sinclair

Your Sinclair
The last twelve issues of Your Sinclair brought to you in all their splendour... well, at least they will be if I find a spare seven months to type them all in


An article I wrote for UMIST's very own student newspaper (which I will not comment on the quality of - the newspaper that is, not the article).

Other Articles

I've also written a variety of other articles, for SAM Prime 7, SAM Prime 6, FRED Disk magazine, Based On An Idea... and many more.


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