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Note: For purposes of accuracy only, the magazines (will#) appear more or less intact. Please do not write to any of the addresses reproduced here - you most likely won't get any kind of reply. More likely is that you'll annoy someone somewhere, or plunge them into the depths of despair as large tsunamis of Your Sinclair related nostalgia roll over them by the bucket-load. You have been warned :)


You are hereby cordially invited to partake in the delights of YS2/100


Issue 83
November 1992
Issue 84
December 1992
Issue 85
January 1993
Issue 86
February 1993
Issue 87
March 1993
Issue 88
April 1993
Issue 89
May 1993
Issue 90
June 1993
Issue 91
July 1993
Issue 92
August 1992
Issue 93
September 1992
Spec Tec Jr

Blimey! It's the Comp.Sys.Sinclair - It's Crap T-shirt! Print your own! Astound your friends!
(also in Xara format)

Double Blimey! It's the Your Sinclair - It's Crap T-shirt, for those who never had one.
(also available in Xara format, in case you'd like to print your own and pretend you got one from YS when it was still around)

It's up! It's out of season! It's A Festive Spec Tec Tale!

Your Sinclair logo in Corel Xara format (feel free to use it wherever)


I'm on the look out for a Your Sinclair - It's Groovesome badge, a normal Your Sinclair badge (both of which are red on silver, enamelled pin badges), and a Your Sinclair PSSSST! Mug. Any offers considered - you name your price. Yes, I'm serious. No, I won't pay you that much. Be reasonable please!

If you've got any of the above (or all of them), and would sell them on for a reasonable price, email me with your offer at

Other Crap Sites

(from which you can download a Z80 TAP archive of every
issue of YS2 ever produced. Digitally remastered
into Z80 TAP format)

YS: A Celebration
YS - The Rock & Roll Years
Your Spectrum
Hackers Anonymous
Your Sinclair Photo Lurve Story

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