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[DIR] demos
Graphical and musical demos
[DIR] docs
Various documentation
[DIR] games
Graphical and musical demos
[DIR] graphics
Screenshots, artwork and slideshows
[DIR] incoming
Uploads go here
[DIR] magazines
Diskzines - but only the PD ones
[DIR] misc
Miscellaneous programs that run on other systems
[DIR] music
Modules, tunes, and music players
[DIR] simcoupe
The SAM Coupe emulator incarnate
[DIR] utils
SAM and other utilities
Rough index of the site
Info for people new to the archive - including how to use the files you'll find within
Recursive listing of the whole archive

This is all updated by hand, so if it's not in perfect sync with the archive, please (a) tell me, and (b) be patient ;)