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[DSK]- SIMCoupe compatible disk image
[TD0] - Teledisk created disk image


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[DIR] e-tracker-modules
Various tunes created using E-Tracker
[DIR] samples
Sampled sound demos
[   ]

Demo of E-Tracker (possibly E-Tracker 2... but I'm not sure)
[   ]

E-Tracker, release 2.3 - but it doesn't have a compiler
[   ] mod204.txt

Instructions on how to extract and access the
[   ]

Password-protected SAM Mod Player v.2.0.4 release disk
[   ]

Amiga SoundTracker/ProTracker mod to E-Tracker module converter
[   ]

Mod Player disk, with demo mods?
[   ]

SAM Mod Player v.2.0 demo version (only lets you listen to the built-in mod)
[   ]

Simplistic MOD Player, uploaded by Mat of ESI

This is all updated by hand, so if it's not in perfect sync with the archive, please (a) tell me, and (b) be patient ;)