SAM Coupe

My softography... (to be updated eventually)

It might be an idea to look at the "SAM releases which I've helped out with" section too, as this list doesn't include them.

Date      Used by/For        What it was

----      -----------        -----------

1991      FRED 11A:         Main menu, Disc message creator

utility, Sound To Light show,

various articles.

1991      FRED 12:        Main menu, Megablast sampled

sound demo, Star Trek sampled

sound demo, Fader routine,

various articles.

1991      FRED 13:         Gauntlet II sampled sound demo,

REPORTER utility, various


1991      FRED 14:        Main menu, 128k Spectrum fake

emulator, Coloured font utility

program. Freview reviews

displayer program, various


1991      FRED 15:         "No one expects the Spanish

Inquisition" sampled sound demo,

Document reader utility, various


1992      FRED 18:        Main menu, various articles.

1992      FRED Freebie:      An entire disk of my routines,

released nowhere else.

1992      FRED 21:         "The Cookie Jar" - a collection

of demo routines and effects.

1992      FRED 22:         Anti-aliaser utility / smoothing                    

magnifier for digitised screens,                    

Toxic Elephant demo converted                  

from the 128k Spectrum.

1992      FRED 23:        Hot Butter demo.

1992      FRED 24A:         Entro One demo.

1992      FRED 24B:         Happy Birthday FRED demo.

1992      FRED 25:         Entro Two demo.

1992      FRED 28:        Main menu, Interlaced demo                       

converted from the 128k                             


1992      FRED '92:         Main menu.

1993      FRED 38:        AMD 2 music demo, converted from                    

the 128k spectrum.

1995 FRED 64:        Comet to ASCII file format converter (with

intelligent file parsing). QDOS v1.2 - SAMDOS

patch which cleans up your configuration and

identifies your currently installed hardware.

1992      FRED Software:     Commissioned to design a fast                 

spell checker/word processor for                    

the SAM Coupe. Wrote preliminary                    


1992                   Protection for a game release,                 

Parallax. Involved writing a                      

disk copier and designing the                  

protection itself. Also involved                    

writing the game DOS.

1992-1994                 Some graphics for the SAM Coupe                       

version of Lemmings, as well as                     

designing the password                         

encryption routines for the                       


1990-1994    Private use:      Various converter utilities and                     

demonstration routines,                             

including 3D starfields,                        

wireframe vector graphics, large                    

"out of the screen area"                        

scrolling text and other                        


1993                   Work on an adventure game                        

similar to Monkey Island                        

started. Still continuing in the                    

game design / graphics departments.

1994                   Defender game routines started.

1994      Rooksoft:         Commissioned to write the O/S                 

for a new hardware device, the

MiDGET, as well as software for

a programmer's toolkit utility                 

ROM which includes an assembler,                    

monitor debugger, disk toolkit                 

and library routines. Also was                 

involved at a grass roots level                     

in the design of these devices,                     

more so the ROM interface.

1995                   Snapshot software for the MultiROM

(see the results on the "things I've been

involved with" page!)

1991      SAM Computers:     128k Spectrum Emulator;                             

completed this to roughly 50%,                 

but due to the methods involved,                    

it ran at about 1/16th of the                  

Spectrum's speed. Other methods                     

of converting the games using                  

patches were designed after this                    

fell through.

1991                   Conversion of Bubble Bobble by                 

Taito. Ditched because the                       

license was deemed unattainable;                    

SAMCo was only a small company.

1992      Started work on ZUB. Ditched due to untraceable bugs in code; eventually worked out that the bugs were due to the compressor I was using that had been written by a fellow coder, David Gommeren. However, SAMCo by this time had collapsed in the recession.
1994      SAM Prime 6:      Articles, The Entropy Experience - a collection of most of my previous software releases.
1992      SCPDU 4A:         Entro One.
1992      SCPDU 5:        Main Menu, Entro Two, SCPDU 6 Advert demo, Slideshow, Compression of various utilities, Various articles.

Unreleased software:
SAM screen$ to BMP file converter.
Comet to ASCII converter.
Vector Cube and vector Entropy E routine.
Largest Scrolly on the SAM routine - fills both the screen and the border.
Termite comms software.
Lots of other stuff that I can't even remember at the moment.
But there's been lots of them, whatever they were!


�1995 Simon Cooke