Poet's Corner

Simon Cooke

Unbridled Symphony

Tamsyn Hutchinson

Tamsyn's Website
Glass Prism
Black Ice Butterflies
Tell Me
To My Love
The Cold Kiss
A Slice of Living
Electric Dream Lover
Dancing With Diana
Clawing back her S

John Aldred

Thinking of Speed and Time or How to Blow your Mind
Elocution E
At the Wrong End
The Computer
The Mouse
Accidental Death
A Certain Way of Life
A Dull Day
Again, not this time...
And Yet It Does
An Early Date
Another Day
Another Exercise for Mr Walton
Another Saturday
A Pain in the Back
A Pixie in the Corner
A Pram
A Question of Age
The Arm Encircled Waist
Art Lives On
A Salesman
A Squeal
A Twisted Stick
Autumn's Stage
Back to Basics
Between the Lines
The Binary of the Mind
Biro Blue
Blue Planet
Buying A Paper
The Century of Speed
Chat Room
The City at Night
Colourful Lady
Dark Stains
The Funeral
Have you ever?
Lady in a Dress
Loving Cup
The Man of Honest Words
One and One
Out of Focus
Patterns And Shapes
Slow Down
Sonnet to Women and Liberation
... space filler ...
Terminal Illness
These Windows
This Chaotic State
What would Christmas be?
Write or Wrong

Chris Beard

to be included shortly

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